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You might think that your felony charge won't result in a lengthy jail sentence, but gang enhancement charges could change all that. A gang enhancement charge could add two to four years to your term, and up to 10 if the felony was serious or violent.

Don't risk your future. Reach out to the criminal defense attorneys at the LAW OFFICES OF SODA & GREENBERG now.

How will we help you fight a gang enhancement charge?

If you're facing gang enhancement charges, do not lose hope. The Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg will fight the charges by arguing that:

  • You didn't commit the underlying felony. If we can prove you didn't commit a crime in the first place, your sentence cannot be enhanced.
  • You weren't a member of a gang and weren't acting for the benefit of a gang. The prosecution must prove that you were acting for the benefit of a street gang or someone associated with a street gang.
  • Your sentence would be against the interests of justice. Even if a jury decides you should receive the sentence enhancement, the judge can still make the final call and decide if the sentence would be too severe or unjust.

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