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David Brian GreenbergClients' ChoiceAward 2020

10.0David Brian Greenberg

Former Chief Deputy D.A. David Greenberg &
Hall of Fame Distinguished Lawyer Rod Soda

Whether you were charged with theft,drug offenses, murder or manslaughter, festival offenses,dui offenses,domestic violence,sex offenses, assault & battery, or gang cases; or need help with civil litigation you need the best lawyers when entering a courtroom in Indio, Banning, the Coachella Valley or the Greater Inland Empire. Find legal professionals who can help at the LAW OFFICES OF SODA & GREENBERG in California. Our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined legal experience and can assist you with cases pertaining to all criminal matters, from white-collar crime to homicide.

David Greenberg was the former Chief Deputy District Attorney of this Riverside County DA's Office. During his 20 plus year career in the District Attorney's Office, he won many awards including prosecutor of the year awards multiple times. As the Chief Deputy, David ran the day to day operations of the District Attorney's Office. This gives David a huge advantage with clients' cases. He has unmatched insight into the inner working of the District Attorney's Office, and the Judiciary.

Rod Soda has been the premier criminal defense attorney in the greater Inland Empire for 40 years. Rod has been honored with the Desert Bar Association Career Attorney Award - the Desert's Hall of Fame Distinguished Lawyer Award. In addition, he has been awarded Martindale Hubbell's AV Preeminent rating embodying the highest legal ability and ethical standards possible.

Count on our experienced attorneys Rodney Soda and David Greenberg for the legal help you've been searching for. Schedule a free consultation by calling 760-320-2000 now.

David Brian GreenbergClients' ChoiceAward 202010.0David Brian GreenbergDavid Brian GreenbergClients' ChoiceAward 2021David Brian GreenbergClients' ChoiceAward 2022David Brian GreenbergClients' ChoiceAward 2023

Two of the BEST, most honest, ethical, hardworking, passionate, dedicated, professional attorneys I have EVER had the pleasure and honor of working with! David Greenberg and Rod Soda!

- Luis A. B.

I've known Rod Soda for 35+ years. Ethical and honest should be his middle name. I've known David Greenberg for 20+ years. Brilliant and hard working should be his middle name. These two are the perfect pair if you need an attorney's help.

- John B.

David Greenberg is without question one of the best attorneys I've ever dealt with. Great dude too!

- David C.

I hired Mr. Greenberg. Very Professional and understands the law inside and out. He is also a caring human being and is very involved in his community especially with youth. He isn't in it just for money. I can't say enough about him and his team and the respect I was shown. He is also very open and supportive of veterans.

- Laura D.

Never in my life did I ever think I would need an attorney, and certainly not a team of attorneys!

This was the most difficult time in my life and David Greenberg was compassionate, non-judgmental and responsive throughout his representation and tender of my defense. Rodney Soda handled a coinciding civil matter and was a consummate professional. The communication was outstanding - I was always kept in the loop on the status of my case and strategy for the next step(s). Knowing that these men had my best interests in their hands gave me the peace of mind and confidence not to give up. I was witness to both Mr. Greenberg and Mr. Soda being well-respected not only by their peers, but by Judges, DA's, Bail Bondsmen and court personnel.

The outcome of my case was beyond best case scenario ... in fact, it was miraculous! I owe my freedom and my ability to enjoy the rest of my life to these men.

- Denise J.

Outstanding work completed Molly, David and their awesome staff, we 1st hired another attorney trying to save a buck but had to let him go because he was all promises and no work, I then called David right away and asked if he would like to take on my case, David and Molly meet us the next day for a in person meeting to see how they can help. They got to work on all areas of this issue immediately. We live 10 hours away from the desert now so they mad it easy when possible and represented my presence in court, that right there saved me with all the court hearings about 10,000 dollars, in the end through the awesome guidance of Molly who knows her stuff for sure we were dismissed and all was thrown out of court. if I could give this staff a 110% rating I would, they saved me from having a negative record and that right there is worth the small fee they request. just trust me if you need legal help this firm is the people for the job hands down. You would be foolish to hire anyone else. Thank you

- Patrick

If you're in any kind of trouble with the law, these are the people you want to choose to represent you.

I haven't heard of any other law firm in this area discrediting 30 eye witnesses!!

Rodney Soda did that and one of his lawyers represented me so well I have sent many many others to them and they have all been satisfied with the professional and superb job this firm brings to the table.

- Jeff G.

Best attorneys in the Coachella Valley...

- Rich W.

David Greenberg, without a shadow of a doubt, has completely changed my life. He took on my case with energy, expertise, and a very clear and concise plan of action. My case was complicated on so many levels, and I felt utterly hopeless. David reminded me of my humanity--that one day, one moment, does not have to define me for the rest of my life. He prepared me for the worst case scenario, let me know what he expected would likely happen, and I ended up in a better position than I knew was even possible. Thanks to his efforts, and passion for my case, I was granted a diversion program which leaves me without any criminal record at all! The other attorneys in the courtroom were going on and on about what an amazing job he did, and how he should have played the lottery that day because they would certainly be betting for him! I truly feel that he was meant to be the person to guide me down this path, and I will forever be indebted to him simply by the fact I can continue my life with my head held high, thanks to his unwavering support.

- Brooke

I would like to commend Attorney David Greenberg for a job well done. From the very start when Mr. Greenberg took my case, I felt like I was a close family member. Mr. Greenberg's passion for my case was amazing to watch. I could tell that he really cared about me and wanted the best outcome for me. I felt that I was not just a number. There was strong communication between us and I was never left out in the dark. The court process was explained very clearly which put me at ease. Mr. Greenberg's wealth of knowledge regarding case laws, court motions, expert witnesses and best strategies was truly impressive. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Greenberg to anyone for Criminal Defense. Mr. Greenberg is definitely operating as a "whale" statue and is a very high profile attorney in the Palm Desert area. If you want the best, you have to go with Mr. Greenberg.

- Isaac