Don't Let A Drug Charge Ruin Your Future

Drug Crime Lawyer in Palm Dessert, CA

When you've been charged with a drug crime or driving under the influence of drugs, make sure you have effective attorneys working for the best outcome from the court. At the LAW OFFICES OF SODA & GREENBERG (in Palm Desert, the Coachella Valley, and the greater Inland Empire), our attorneys rely on more than 60 years of combined industry experience to effectively represent you in the California courtroom.

Whether you were charged with possession of drugs or drug trafficking, you will be glad you entrusted your defense to the Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg in Palm Desert, the Coachella Valley, and the greater Inland Empire. We'll review every aspect of your drug charge to determine whether law enforcement acted appropriately and if there are any holes in the prosecution's case.

You'll be able to enter the courtroom fully informed of the legal proceedings surrounding your case if you retain the Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg. Reach out to our attorneys 24/7 by calling 760-320-2000.

drug crime lawyer in palm desert ca

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